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Timers, reminders and schedule on hold

Reoccurrence tasks assignments, like in case of priority 1 incident, senior management would like to receive incident status updates every one hour, so the agent needs a reminder to do that. Custom reminders for agent to do thongs on certain times. Lot of times agents talk with people and being asked to do this and that, within an hour or so.. Would be nice to have a reminder option, maybe attached to service request or incident. Incidents and/or service request handling might require interaction with the requester which not always able to communicate at the moment. In fact some tickets being rolled for days because of that. In order to keep a reliable metrics of "ticket been opened for...", and in case the requester delays the handling time, on hold with schedule (specific date and time to un-onhold the ticket) is nice.

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Hi Doron,

 Thanks for the feedback . Please check some of the below points works for you

  1. You can keep the default sorting order of Incidents as "Last modified" , which will help you to track easily
  2. We Introduced Add Task in Supervisor Rules , which will allow to create an Auto task when your conditions meets

Hope this helps

Shihab Muhammed

Hi Muhammed,
Thanks for the reply.

1. I wanted to have the ability to mark ticket status as "Pending" with timer which automaticlly change the ticket status back to "Open"
     it would be usful in case the requester asking to delay handling (for example: for 2 days).

2. I would like to have an option to force kind of "workflow" into the ticket.
     for example, we decided (business wise) to take specific workflow action in case of priority ticket being raised by consumer.
     so I want my agents to be able to apply (manually) a workflow to remind them the staging.
     i assume it would work well with tasks, like: notification call to product manager ; notification mail to CEO ; escalation to system on call engineer. etc..
     as far as I understand that can only been done using scenario automation. and that actually its point....
     configure case scenario and when agent choosing it, apply multiple action on the ticket to tune and prepare it (logical and methodological) accourdingly.

     generally speaking, i think all four of them: "Dispatch'r", "Supervisor", "Observer", "Scenario Automations",
     should gain the ability to do most actions as possible. that will give the edge of costumization accurding to the different requirements out there...

Guys, sorry for bringing this old one up but what Doron described is still very much a desired feature. Adding task is a rather poor substitute for it.

Ideally the feature should be connected to 'Scenarios' - which would allow you to do all kind of things on a schedule.

Doron, were you able to work around this issue? With a FreshPlug maybe?

Obviously it is possible to just invoke Freshservice API and manage the schedule itself in your own custom service, but i really think this should be one of the core features.

Just wanted to chime in on the "on hold with schedule (specific date and time to un-onhold the ticket)" That would be a great feature.

I bumped on this thread, and it seemed there has been a new feature which would do this:

It should do what made me end up on this page.

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