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Change and Release scheduler

In order to avoid overlapped changes and/or releases which might conflict with each other, It would be much easier to coordinate using a view of calendar with all schedule changes and releases (separately or combined). Kind of a gantt view.

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releases or closed changes on the calendar view would be of great help.  This does not seem like a complicated request.

 Including the Releases in the calendar view would be a great benefit

It would also be good if:

Completed changes stayed on the change calendar

There was a way of seeing an overall view of all changes, regardless of which agent/group is carrying them out

We also need this urgently. Need to have an overview of which RFC take place non depending of which team will execute this. 1 overview of all RFC's.

Hope to see that this will be quickly setup.

Having a calendar of all change and release requests is very necessary for past, present and future activity.

I was looking into a solution for this as well. This request has been open for 3 years and now updates. Bump!

A change/Release calendar is really essential to any REAL change management. All the building blocks are there, why don't we have a way of displaying this on the calendar??


Would love to see the planned outcome of this as well - this is something we plan to have anyway and really see the need of. Will this only be visible for agents or will it be possible to show it for requester as well so that they can follow any planned change requests (so we don't get questions for when a development will be done or similar status checks)? 

I am also interested in this. Has there been any movement?


Release calendar would make that functionality much more efficient, definite improvement .. is there any update?

Any update on this ? Where can I get more info about your project management modules ?

We have had a couple of more calendar view requests. We have added it to the near future roadmap. However, the gantt view will be released with out project management modules and will take longer. 

Keep the ideas coming!


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