Note: This article is on the new Sandbox 2.0 which is currently in Private Beta. For Freshservice's legacy Sandbox click here.

Valid Configurations

A configuration in a config set is valid when it fulfills all dependency criteria and can be synced to the target without setbacks.

Invalid Configurations
A configuration is marked invalid when it cannot be synced to target due to setbacks such as unresolved dependencies or lack of user permissions. These are indicated via errors or warnings.

Here are a few examples of invalid configurations:

  1. When agent A is to be synced to target, if the fields on which agent A is dependent (i.e the Reporting Manager & Department) are not present in the target then agent A is called an invalid configuration. The dependent fields must be added to target before syncing.

  2. Say a custom object (say meeting room) is named ‘Galaxy’) in source. Now if the target has an agent named ‘Galaxy’, this will be an invalid configuration. Naming of either of the entities will have to be changed to proceed with sync.

  3. When a global configuration present in source needs to be added to a restricted workspace in target, the said global configuration becomes an invalid configuration. The restricted workplace admin needs to sync this configuration to target.

  4. When a configuration is marked mandatory in the target and is assigned a no value in the source, this become an invalid configuration. No mandatory configurations should be left with a ‘Null’ value in source.

    Addition vs. updated vs. deletion in config sets: While addition and updation to config sets can be done from source to target, any deleted items in config sets or completely deleted config sets cannot be synced from source to target instances.


    1. Can there be multiple config sets at any point of time?

    2. What happens when a config set has global configs?
    Only admins with play god permissions will be able to sync such config sets. A workspace admin will not be able to sync these config sets since they do not have access to global config sets. 

    3. Is it possible to have multiple configuration sets active simultaneously?