Note: This guide is only applicable to a subset of customers who have been intimated about it.

We are about to transition your Freshservice account to use our upgraded email servers, which offer you better performance and additional features. The benefits include:

  • Improved Email Delivery

  • In-product notifications for mail server connection issues

  • Enhanced Security through OAuth for Microsoft and Google Email

For a seamless migration, please ensure that you do the following immediately:

1. As an SSL connection validation is required for establishing a connection, install the SSL certificate on the exchange connector that Freshservice uses to send outgoing mails.

2.If you have had to allowlist Freshservice IP addresses due to proxy or firewall restrictions in your organization, 

  • Allowlist the following additional IP addresses on your Firewalls or Email Servers. 

  • Please do not remove the existing allowlisted IPs just yet.


NAT IP Addresses


Mail Server IP Addresses

3. Reach out to us at as soon as you allowlist the above IP addresses. We will verify the same and immediately enable your account to use the upgraded email servers.