We've updated our pricing and packaging. This feature is available on Estate & Forest plans for customers who signed up before Nov 2nd 2020.The newer version of this feature will be available for customers who signed up before Nov 2, 2020 in the next few months.

With the new Timeline and Gantt Chart view for Projects in Freshservice, Project Portfolio managers and Project Owners can now visualize the overview of all/respective projects they own in their organization against a linear timescale. The Gantt chart view is available for agents having a “Project Manager” role. Let us now see what each view provides,

Timeline View: 

  • Start date of a project
  • Project completion status
  • Quick snapshot of the project including details such as project owner and number of tasks in each status
  • End date of a project

Gantt Chart view:

  • Start date of a project
  • Tasks and sub-tasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Task Owners
  • Task duration
  • Task status
  • Project completion status
  • End date of a project.

The upcoming paragraphs will tell you more about how to access the Timeline view and the Gantt charts in Freshservice, and how to use it effectively to stay on top of your projects. 

Accessing Timeline view

Timeline view or the Gantt Chart view for Projects is now available as a view option similar to the Card view and list view for Projects and Project tasks respectively. You can switch to the Timeline or the Gantt view by clicking on the icon shown in the image below

Timeline view

This view is helpful if you’re a project portfolio manager and would want to understand what are the current projects being executed in your organization. The timeline view  displays all the projects against a linear timescale, representing the project duration, current status and whether it is critical/overdue or not. Additionally, you can mouse hover on the projects to fetch quick insights about the project, such as Project Owner, completion percentage and the number of tasks in each status. 

Note: You can switch between Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years to view projects accordingly. Default view is set to Months.

Gantt Chart View

This view is helpful if you’re a project owner and would like to get a detailed overview of the project you’re owning. The Gantt Chart view represents the tasks, its sub-tasks, task status and their dependencies against a linear timescale. 

Note: You can switch between Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years to view projects accordingly. The default view is set to Weeks

Additionally, a project owner can now mitigate risks around not completing the project on time by moving around tasks within the project. Also, any task going beyond its original completion date can now be extended, which automatically adjusts the next dependent tasks without manually changing its duration. A Project Owner can also create dependencies among the project tasks using the Gnatt Chart.

You will get the option to perform these actions when you hover the mouse pointer over the project of your choice. 

Projects Status in Gantt Chart

Every project status is given a different color when displayed in a Gantt chart. The color codes are: 





In Progress



Points to Remember

  1. If a project is shown as open in spite of it having a few completed tasks, it means that you haven’t marked the status as In-progress.
  2. All the interactions in the Gantt chart will respect the date dependencies within the project and among the tasks.For Example: 

                        - You cannot extend the task’s duration beyond the project’s duration

                        - You cannot move a subtask outside the parent task’s duration

                        - Dependent task’s start date cannot be equal or prior to the predecessor task.