Note: The newer version of this feature will be available for customers who signed up before Nov 2, 2020 in the next few months.

Freshservice now lets you add time entries against your tasks in a Project. Your agents can either choose to use automatic start and stop timers to track progress or manually log the time and detail any activities during this period.

Time tracking in Projects is beneficial in a number of ways - 

1. Project member's work is now quantifiable - tracking time on the project tasks gives a Project manager an understanding of his/her employee's time spend. All the efforts put in the project are accounted for effort calculation and billing.

2. Better Project timeline estimations - understanding the time spent on a Project would help the Project manager understand which type of tasks take more time in completion or which project member takes how much time to complete a task. These data points will help the Project manager understand the actual effort vs the estimations made during the beginning of the project and will help him/her estimate future projects with better insights.

3. Improved chance of completing a project/task within deadlines - having records of time entries to tasks will help Project managers analyze where much of the team's time is being spent and fix any roadblocks to meet the project/task completion deadline.

Quick guide to add time entries to your project tasks:

Step 1: Open the project which you are currently working on. 

Step 2: Click on the task that you would want to track time for.

Step 3: Click on the timer button to enter the time tracked section for the task.

Step 4: Click on Add New Time Entry to enter time for the task.

Step 5: Fill in the details to enter the time. Leave the Hours field blank to start the auto-timer.

Step 6: You can add more time to the existing time by using the timer options available. 

Step 7: Total time tracked depicts the total time tracked on that task and its corresponding sub tasks.


Step 8: All the time entries corresponding to the task (and its subtasks) can be seen on clicking the Total time tracked option. 

As a Project Manager, I can get a download of all the time entries using the Export as CSV option available in the Time tracked component in the Project Properties. 

You can use the downloaded CSV file to upload the data into any invoicing tool for billing your clients/customers.