Note: The newer version of this feature will be available for customers who signed up before Nov 2, 2020 in the next few months.

If a new project has similar outlines, tasks, and resources as an existing project, a Project Owner can now quickly clone an existing project to save time.

Option to Clone will only be visible to Project Managers & Project Owners. 

To clone a project - 

Step 1: Click on the project and navigate to the Project details page. You can find a "Clone Project" button on the top right corner (as annotated below).

Step 2: Clicking on the "Clone Project" button opens up a Clone Project wizard. Using the wizard, the user can change the title of the cloned project, set new start date and chose to retain existing project members and task ownership.
The end date of the cloned project is calculated based on the duration of the original project and the New start date.

Step 3: Click on "Clone" to complete the clone process. The user will then be navigated to the cloned project.

Note: Project activities, associations, task watchers & discussions will not be cloned.