Project Management

Most IT companies have projects that involve intense planning. Having to switch between your project management solution and your ITSM tool is difficult to manage

Projects module in Freshservice allows you to bridge this gap by bringing more visibility into how projects are related to incident, changes, and assets.
The following are some of the major activities involved in managing projects in Freshservice:

Projects tab

When you go to the Projects tab, you can see a grid view of all projects. You can filter it down to show just the projects that you’re a part of, completed projects and archived projects.

Creating a new project

To create a new project,

  • Go to the Projects tab and click on the New Project button. This brings up the New Project Form.

  • Enter a title for the project. If you wish to add a description, click on Add Description to do that.

  • Now enter a start date and an end date for the project.

  • Specify the project’s status and priority and click on Create Project.

Once the project is created, you can edit its title or description by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the title.
If you need to update its properties like the priority, status, owner and start/end date, click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to Properties, make the changes and click update.

Adding members to a Project

The agent who creates the project is designated as the project owner by default, but you can add other stakeholders as members to the project:

To add more members to a project,

  • Open the project and scroll down to the Members section.

  • Click on the + icon. Now you can search for agents and add them as project members.

  • Once added, members can perform the following tasks on the project:
    • Add more members
    • Add tasks
    • Delete their own tasks
    • Assign tasks
    • Add watchers to tasks
    • Schedule tasks
    • Add dependency to all tasks
    • Comment on all tasks
    • Add subtasks to all tasks

Managing project tasks and subtasks

Tasks and subtasks are critical parts of a project. They define the activities that need to be carried out to ensure project completion.

Adding tasks to projects

You can create up to 3 levels of tasks within a project (task, subtask, and sub-subtask). To add a task to a project:

  • Go to the project and under the Tasks tab, click on Add new.

  • Enter a short description for the task.

  • Click on the Calendar icon to add a start and end date and choose when the task owner will be notified.

  • Assign a member to the task and click on Add to create the task.

Adding Subtasks

If a task consists of multiple activities to be carried out by different stakeholders, it can be split into subtasks. To add a subtask to a task, go to the Subtasks tab and click on Add New.
You can also go one level deeper and add sub-subtasks to subtasks.

Associating Incidents, Changes, and CIs

If you wish to associate incidents, changes, or CIs to a project, you can do it from the Associations tab. 

To associate, head to the Associations tab and click on + Associate

Activity Tab

The activity tab displays all the activities that are associated with a project