Mac Agent v4.1.0 (09 April 2021)

  • Performance and security improvements

Mac Agent v4.0 (12 August 2020)

  • .Net core runtime with version 3.1 is now required for the Mac agent to function. This is automatically downloaded and installed during installation of the Agent.
  • Agent uninstalled status schedule and crash status schedule are newly added for the mac agent
  • Several updates to the device deduplication logic when a device is created through the Mac Agent, especially in cases of HD swaps/deploying OS Images with the agent installed on it
  • Fixed an issue where reinstalling the mac agent on a device which already had the agent resulted in the agent getting corrupted. Now the reinstall will redeploy the agent and the agent will continue to work as expected.
    • Note: If the agent is downloaded from a new Freshservice account, to update the new account, the existing agent has to be first uninstalled before the new version is installed. Just re-installing the agent will not work going forward.

Mac Agent v3.2 (26 August 2019)

  • Support for updating the Last login by user information through the Mac Agent
  • Support for adding the Mac Agent in a OS Image to enable easier rollout of the agent when setting up new devices
  • Fixed an issue where the Disk Space(GB) value was updated as 0GB
  • Fixed an issue where the Logical Drives (in Components) listed incorrect entries

Mac Agent v3.1 (28 September, 2017)

  • Bug fixes

Mac Agent v3.0 (01 August, 2017)

  • Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 versions
  • Deprecating support for  OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and OS X Mavericks (10.9). More details on the supported versions can be found here.

Mac Agent v2.0.0

  • Windows Agent decoupled from Probe

  • Agent download from Freshservice application enabled

  • Avoid unnecessary requests from Mac agent

Mac Agent v1.5.0

  • Reduce rpm for discovery agent