v4.10.0 (31 January 2022) 

  • Security fix, incorporated checksum hash verification on Auto Update.

v4.9.0 (30 November 2021)

  • Support for automatic activation of previously suspended discovery probe, when the associated Freshservice account gets reactivated

  • Enhancements to SCCM probe for improved device sync and fixes related to asset duplication issues with the same serial number

  • To improve consistency in the device data being fetched from SCCM for new additions and updations, the Discovery Probe will now always fetch device data from SCCM regardless of the last hardware scan time. (LastHWScan)

  • Fixed user sync issues for user details which were fetched as empty.

v4.8.0 (30 September 2021)

  • SNMP Enhancements - Discover serial number, manufacturer, and type-specific fields for SNMP devices
  • Introduced custom schedule for IP range Scan
  • Configuration setting to update SNMP retry timeout

v4.7.0 (08 April 2021)

  • Code signing certificates update
  • Updates in msi installer security and user agreement policy

v4.6.0 (09 April 2021)

  • Fixed an issue in SNMP device discovery where devices without OID where not properly identified as SNMP devices
  • Performance and security improvements

v4.5.0 (01 March 2021) 

  • AD User Sync
    • Introducing the option to deactivate requesters in Freshservice if the users are disabled or deleted in AD. Admins can enable this option from Admin -> Discovery -> Settings.
  • SNMP Scanning
    • Update to discover name of devices such as Printers, Routers and Switches from SNMP scans
    • IP Address, Firmware and Firmware version details will be updated in the respective asset fields instead of being updated in the Name or Description of the asset
  • Performance Updates
    • Fixed an issue where scans with large number of IPs result in the scans getting stuck and the Probe becoming unresponsive
    • Fixed an issue where stopping scans didn't work when the scan is in progress
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an issue in Linux device scanning where passwords with special characters were not supported

v4.4.0 (25 June 2020)

  • Security Updates
    • Probe code obfuscation to prevent source code decompilation from the installed binaries
    • Updates to the probe DB encryption

v4.3.0 (30 March 2020)

  • SNMP Scanning
    • Introduced support for scanning network devices with SNMP V3 credentials
  • Bug Fix
    • In the Probe UI, in all pages with a list of devices/IP Ranges...etc, the last item was hidden in the UI. This has been fixed.

v4.2.0 (30 October 2019)

  • SCCM Probe:
    • Introduced support for syncing additional fields, including the custom fields, from SCCM to Freshservice. More info here.
  • Fixed an issue with AD Sync where the sync was not triggered for any custom schedules that were configured

v4.1.0 (13 September 2019)

  • SCCM Probe:
    • Introduced support for syncing Used By of a device directly from SCCM views if device ownership information is available in SCCM
    • Fixed an issue where the IP Address was not scanned in the SCCM integration
    • Fixed an issue where changes made to devices.csv & sccmtablemapper.json in the Probe files where overwritten when updating the probe

v4.0.0 (31 July 2019)

  • IP Range & Domain Scans:
    • Introducing the completely revamped IP Range Configuration options with support for specifying subnets and CIDR notations. Specifying devices / IP Ranges to be excluded in the scan is also supported now. More details on configuring IP Range scans here.
      • All existing IP Ranges configured in the Probe have been converted into scan profiles to retain existing configurations
    • IP Ranges and Domains configured can now be deleted
    • UI changes to better represent in-progress and scheduled scans with options to kill scans if needed.
  • Probe Settings
    • Introducing the option to Force Sync Device and User information that has already been scanned by the Probe to Freshservice. This option is available for both the Standard Probe and the SCCM Probe.
      • Note that this does not rescan the devices and users. This will only refresh the information in Freshservice with the data that was already scanned by the Probe.
    • The option to "Send Partially Discovered Data to Freshservice" has been removed. 
      • If any probe has the option enabled now, this will be retained but admins cannot disable this anymore from the Probe. Please reach out to Freshservice Support to stop sending partially discovered data to Freshservice.
  • MAC Device Scan:
    • Completely revamped device scanning method for MAC devices to be more performant and secure
    • Last Logged in User information will now be discovered from MAC devices
  • General Updates: 
    • Performance updates to device scanning with upto 5X faster device discovery
    • Enhanced multithreading to scan more devices in parallel based on the server where the Probe is installed in. 
    • Any scans manually triggered will take precedence over other scheduled scans
  • Bug Fixes:
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the OS of a device was not discovered and listed as a Software
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the physical memory of devices was show incorrectly
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the IP Address of devices was not updated
    • When selecting OUs to sync device/user info to Freshservice, the Probe timed out for very large OU lists. This has been fixed.

v3.8.0 (04 April 2019)

  • SCCM Integration: Introducing support for authenticating the SCCM integration using Windows credentials instead of using SQL credentials. More info here.
  • Active Directory Sync: Support for setting up custom schedules to sync users from AD to Freshservice. More info here.
  • Fixed an issue where the Probe did not work for OS that had specific culture values and language codes.

v3.7.0 (02 April 2018)

  • Fixed an issue with the Discovery Probe where synced AD users were automatically marked as deleted if the name contained a space or single quote

  • Fixed an issue with the Discovery Probe where the Probe installation was blocked by a few antivirus applications

v3.6.0 (02 April 2018)

  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar was not displayed when importing users
  • Performance updates

v3.4.0 (17 January 2018)

  • Fixed an issue in SCCM Probe where the device sync failed due to SQL connection error
  • Fixed an issue in SCCM Probe where devices were not scanned if special characters were found in the software installed in a device
  • Fixed an issue in SCCM Probe that resulted in inconsistent data imports when scanning large number of devices
  • Fixed an issue where OUs with ",' were not listed in the right order 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the schedule scan to fail when the server where the probe is installed was turned off during the scan time

v3.3.0 (30 November 2017)

  • Fixed an issue that did not list Child Domains / Some OUs in the Probe
  • Fixed the "Operational Error" while attempting to scan a Domain 

v3.2.0 (31 October 2017)

  • Introducing support for LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for syncing users from Active Directory to Freshservice
  • Fixed an issue where the installation directory changed upon repairing and upgrading the probe. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the probe to crash during scans
  • Fixed an issue where user attributes were not updated even when the field mapping is modified under Discovery -> Settings -> User Field Mapping
  • Fixed an issue where the OUs were not listed in alphabetical order

v3.1.0 (28 September 2017)

  • Fixed an error that caused duplication of assets even if a Mac agent is installed in a device
  • Fixed an issue with windows scan in Probe 3.0.0
  • Fixed an issue where software installed in a device were not updated to Freshservice properly

v3.0.0 (08 September 2017)

  • Support for authenticating the probe using Probe Key (Does not require URL, Admin Credentials)
  • Seamless update support to migrate from older versions of the probe(v1.12 and above) to v3.0 
  • Auto-Update support from v3.0 onwards. All new versions will be automatically downloaded and installed
  • Windows scanning code changes
  • New Wix installer for the Probe

v2.3.0 (12 April 2017)

  • TLS 1.2 support in Discovery Probe


  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect discovery status when unexpected error is encountered in scan script

  • Enhancement to log probe crash reports in Freshservice application 


  • Fixed domain scan and user import crashes in probe window 

  • Fixed the don-net 3.5 link in Probe which was redirecting to dot-net 4.0 client profile page

  • Fixed an error caused when scanned device in probe is edited and new scan is triggered with domain credentials

  • Fixed an issue caused when editing the local credentials of a SNMP device that was scanned through IP range scan

  • Fixed an issue where the Domain used for scanning a device is not selected and displayed in the edit page

  • Fixed an issue where the Windows and SSH credentials input box are expanded by default and displayed in the New IP range page of Probe


  • Decoupled the Discovery Agent from the Discovery Probe

  • Agent download options removed from the Discovery Probe

  • Fixed a bug where the count in IP range scan was displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed issue that showed a scan as failed,  even if device scan is successful in the background

  • Fixed VMware device scan issues during IP Range Scan


  • Enhancement to encrypt the Probe DB with a password


  • Linux Support

  • Asset duplication fix

  • AD import wrong credential error message


  • Active directory user field mapping enhancement

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in domain scan failing if the OU name contains ' / \

  • End User License Agreement displayed to the user in the UI

  • Fixed issue with user delete sync failure

  • Fixed issue where user import failed if more than one domain is configured


  • SNMP device discovery enhancement

  • Probe codebase revamp


  • Discovered device update logic revamped

  • Introduce agent access key to uniquely identify a device to fix device duplication 


  • Minor code changes


  • Minor code changes


  • Fixed issue where domain details of asset is not updated through sccm import


  • Fixed issue where discovery failed if the locale of the device is non english, especially German