The My Tasks section on your Dashboard displays a list of upcoming tasks that are assigned to you. 

The easiest way to mark them as completed is by clicking on the checkbox next to their name right there in the Dashboard. Once you do, they will be removed from your task list automatically. You can also click on the task name in the list to open up an Edit dialog that will allow you to reassign, change the status and redefine the due date of a task. 

When you have several tasks lined up, only a handful of them are displayed on the Dashboard directly. However, you can click on the View All option to open up the list of all the tasks in your service desk. This dialog splits up your task list into three tabs: Open, In-Progress, and Pending.

Quick guide to viewing and completing tasks in Freshservice:

  • Log into your Freshservice account.
  • Look for any tasks assigned to you by looking at Dashboard > My Tasks. 
  • If you are able to find anything at a glance, you can complete tasks on the fly by clicking on the checkbox next to the name of the task.
  • Open up a list of all the tasks by clicking on the View All option.
  • In the screen that follows, you can view tasks based on the status.  
  • You can then use the checkbox next to any task to mark it as complete. 
  • You could also go to the Completed tab and re-open any of your previous tasks.
  • In case you would like to edit any of your tasks, just click on their name to open up a dialog box.

Please note that if you have enough permissions, you could pick or modify others people’s tasks and complete them yourself.