When somebody raises an issue or a request in your service desk, the first thing you need to do is send out a reply with a solution or answer. The next thing you need is to be able to format your reply right, bullet the instructions you want to give the user, and highlight, bold or italicize the important phrases.

Freshservice lets you compose and send out rich text replies by just clicking on the “Reply” button in the ticket. You can even attach a file, copy someone or BCC to your dropbox email address directly while replying to a ticket.

A quick guide to replying to a ticket

  • Click on Reply within the ticket.
  • Type in the message in the rich text editor and do the necessary formatting.
  • Fill out the Cc or Bcc fields if necessary.
  • Attach a file if required by clicking on the attach icon at the bottom left of the section. A dialogue box pops up which lets you browse through and choose the files; click Open after selecting the files you need. 
  • You can include Canned Responses and Solution Articles by clicking on the corresponding icons at the bottom left of the section. To know more about Canned Responses click here.  

  • Alternatively, you can also paste an image inline, in your response. By default, links to these images are public. This is to ensure that the images are accessible when sent via emails. If images are to be made accessible only for valid sessions and not publicly, please write to support@freshservice.com.
  • Once done, you can click Send to send out your reply.
  • You can quickly change the status of the ticket just as you’re sending your reply. Click the arrow button next to the 'Send' button to view a drop-down menu with multiple Send and set as <status>  
  • Click Cancel to revert.

Sometimes you need to type out a really long reply or run out for a cup of coffee. And before you hit send, the browser crashes or your system restarts, taking your reply with it. To save you some heartburn, Freshservice saves your replies as drafts automatically even as you type them. That way, when your browser gives up on you, your message stays intact.